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Monday, April 30, 2012

We Are Sailing. (literally!)

Look at our sailboats! 

They are sailing in the deep, blue sea.....

Eh ... how come we are inside the sea now?

My boat and I, both in the sea .... Now, where is the sail?

Aiyah!   Teacher, why are they all inside the pool?  
There is going to be a tornado soon .... hurry, hurry, out of the water before it strikes!

I've Graduated!

I've finally graduated with a Masters in Education (major in early childhood education) from University of Southern Queensland, Australia.  I took my time and enrolled in only one subject per semester.  Hence, it took me three looong years.     I woud like to say a big thank you to my family, teachers and students for your support throughout these three years.  I hope to be able to carry through what I've learnt from the programme into my own centre and continue to learn and relearn the changes that are constantly taking place in education.  Finally, children need time to dream, contemplate and experiment in order to grow ... don't we forget that and hurry them too much!