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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


More pictures to share!
 Baking a pizza - also a lesson in science
Building and construction - finding the most stable foundation
Which is hard and more stable?
 This structure is also very stable and forms the foundation of tents.
 The Colour Box 3 - all about colours and tones
 Parts of a tree - bark. leaves, fruits, roots
 Catching a rainbow!
Admiring a double rainbow in the sky

 Germination on Day 2
  Germination on Day 6
 Flowers, Flowers!
 They are beautiful, so are we!
 Do you like my flowers?
 Fruits Galore!
 So many to taste!  What are cikus???
Playing with magnets - same poles repel, different poles attract!
 Putting out the flame with carbon dioxide, produced by mixing vinegar and baking soda.


Science is everywhere.  Working with Little Scientist, we have a hands-on science programme in Little Beans for children from 3 to 6.  Innovative, fun and experimental, children (and teachers) learn all about science the fun way.  Visit Little Scientist website for more information at  On top of that, we learn science the Montessori way as well as through our monthly themes.


 Making a model of our lung - we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.
 Inhale- our lungs expand,  exhale - our lungs contract
Threading through the hand model and the pull the strings, the hand moves like a real one!
 Learning about surface tension and bubbles through play.
 Parts of a tree
 Parts of a turtle, parts of an insect
 Parts of a fish - scales, gills, head, tail, fin 
 Pasting the scales onto the fish template
Watering our onion bulbs 
 And watch them grow!
 Crickets upclose!
 Looking at the crickets through a magnifying bug viewer
 Fishes swimming in the bowl
 Making our own colourful fish
Dot with food colouring, spray with water and watch the colours spread
 Blue + Yellow = Green
 Red + Yellow = Orange
 Blue + Red = Purple
Beautiful fish, our very own!
Fishes swim together as a school

Sunday, August 18, 2013


We had an interesting year so far, with a myriad of themes to engage the children in learning new things as well as to enrich their vocabulary and understanding of  our beautiful world.  Below are some of the theme boards so far, and the themes which we discussed.  Some of them will be detailed in my later blog entries.  Thanks to the teachers who made the themes great successes - BEAUTIFUL INDEED!

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn - talks about the first day of school and the separation anxiety that the child faces.  Beautiful story to help settle a child into the school environment.

Chinese New Year 2013
Chun Lian written by the 6-year old children 

Each child has a right to a happy family.
The right to learn, explore and make new friends
The right to a safe and healthy community
The right to a sustainable environment.

 Our Community Theme
Under Construction 

All About Trees
Birds live in trees.
Parts of a tree - flowers
Wise old owl .... in the tree

5 Layers of the Ocean
 All About Clothes
Sports and Games
Our Home, Malaysia