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Sunday, August 18, 2013


Continuation of the pictorial journey ...
 We have our very own vet clinic.
 Fully equipped with the latest facilities. 
 Poor dog ... under quarantine!
 Posters to teach us parts of a bird
 Dr Lee and Nurse Rosy
 So many patients waiting for their turn
 My mouse is sick.   Giving him some medicine.
 Poor hamster's leg is broken!
 We made so many bones for the doggy!
Fishes swimming ... 
 Catching a fish of my own
 The school of fish, swimming in unison
 Learning about Nutrigen and good bacteria
 Mr Nutrigen came to visit!
 Building our own house - here's the roof!
 I am a film director!
 Action, 1,2, 3!
 Prima Donna refuses to act!
 Now, we're in action!
 Keep the camera rolling!
 Hickory, Dickory, Dock - we're going to make a clock today! 
 We need a piece of bread, some jam and fingers to lick!
 A pendulum clock - the mouse ran up the clock!
 Pegging activites

Learning about long and short
Putting the correct quantity of pancakes onto the plate 
 Five (5) pancakes onto this plate
 Singing together!
 Dressing up the dolls
 Cutting and snipping with scissors
 Cutting is fun, but must be careful.
 Hanging up clothes to dry
 Pegging them securely in place
Pegging around the petals
 Learning how to cut in straight lines
In deep concentration - making a beautiful ring for Mummy
 Painstakingly putting the pollen onto the flower
 I know about rhombus, hexagon and pentagon too!
 Doing our 'homework'
 Building with blocks

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