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Sunday, August 18, 2013


Many more beautiful pictures to share ...
  I want to be a soldier when I grow up.
 Building our own community

 Our tall, tall buildings, trees and roads

 Counting the pepperoni on the pizza and putting up the correct pegs

 Good lesson in Maths and numeracy
 Cutting and laying all our work for all to admire!

 Snipping away -good fine motor and hand-eye coordination practice

 Learning about more and less

 Colours in Mandarin
 Putting the correct beads onto the muffin

Washing cloths 
Putting them up to dry 
 Pegging it in place
 Our box of colour pencils from Staedler
Dental nurses are here to check our teeth

 This is the way we brush our teeth!

Making my own chocolate drink - pour in the water

 Put in two teaspoon of chocolate milk and stir.



 Birthday celebrations
 Field trips to the Fire Station

 The fire truck

 The rescue team - our heros in red

 Their uniform
 Visit to Farm In the City
 Rabbits everywhere!
 Feeding time!
Be gentle and respect the animals 
 Catching longkang fish

 Rabbits are cute and cuddly.

 Not so easy to catch the fishes!


 We had a wonderful trip !


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