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Sunday, August 18, 2013


A pictorial journey of  our three-year olds as we document their learning journey with us at Little Beans.
Listening as teachers explain what to do

Looking at the given number and fish out the corresponding fish

I have number 3, therefore I'll have to fish out Duck 3! 

Transferring the duck to another pail - a lesson in practical life activities

 Threading the string through each finger

When you pull at each string, the hand moves like a real one!


Bottle feeding a baby doll , role-playing about taking care of baby

My balloon face - put pieces of papers into a plastic bag.

Put in a straw and secure the opening tightly. 
Blow into the straw and the bits of paper will fly in the bag.  FUN!!! 

Playing house - this is the bathroom set.

The proper way to use the toilet seat.
Loving grandpa and grandma 

Setting up the house - kitchen, dining and living rooms.
Must wipe the hands after washing them.

Wash our hands with soap and water ...
Clean hands!
What is this? It'a a bug viewer.
So many insects -all have 6 legs and 3 body parts.  They jump, hop and some fly!
 EEEEEKs - crickets!

Looking at my cricket through the viewer.  I'm not scared!

See,  my cricket's climbing up.
Making a long and short bridge
Kitty cat....

Puppy dog

We're are going to make them and eat them as snacks!  Yummy!
My kitty cat. 
and my puppy ....
 Colour mixing- we are going to make colourful guppy fishes.
 Putting the pieces together
Our beautiful artwork
Upclose of my new pet!

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