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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's A Small World

Our holiday programme for 2012 was It's A Small World.  We took a three week tour around the word and visited Hawaii, Switzerland, South Korea and Mexico.  It was a fun-filled, but mad rush across the globe as we adjusted from one country to another, adapting to the local climate as well.  We learnt about different places, languages, costumes and customs.  We saw the Nene Goose  from Hawaii and even experienced a volcano eruption!  Switzerland was freezing cold, but we enjoyed the rosti potatoes and did a spot of snow skiing on Mount Jura.  South Korea was fascinating and colourful, but we did not like the kimchi too much.  Too sour!  Mexico was the last stop.  We had our Christmas party there and enjoyed the tortilla, corn rice and salsa.  Played games with the sombrero and we will always remember you, Poco Pinata!  Merry Christmas and Happy 2013!

The theme board.  See the different parts of the world.   We have Hawaii,  France, Japan, China,  USA,  UK,  Netherlands,  Mexico,  Australia and the Antartic.   I especially like the hula dancer from Hawaii.

Ready for trip to Hawaii, complete with passport and luggage bag.

In Hawaii now,  making the lei or flower garland.

Our Hawaii shirt,  printed with okra or ladies' fingers - an original creation from Little Beans!

Beautiful, sunny Hawaii!

Look out, there is a volcano erupting!  Runnnnnnnn!

Getting ready for the luau, or party.

Let the party begin ... celebrate with tropical fruits like coconuts, pineapples and papayas.

Brrrrr......  it's cold!  We are on the way to Switzerland.

Wearing winter clothes to protect ourselves from the freezing cold.

We are going to climb the highest, and coldest mountain,  Mount Jura,  in Switzerland today.

Up in the mountain - it's really cold!

The wind is blowing strong too!  Hold on tight.

Making a little snowman from flour dough.

Some of the snowmen.  See the lazy one on the top right corner???  It is sleeping zzzzzzz.

The Swiss flag

Making a traditional Swiss food - rosti - Basically made from cheese and potatoes.

Mash the potatoes,  mix with cheese and fresh herbs and shape it up.  Pan fry or bake in the oven.

The delicious rosti - ready to be savoured.
Next destination?  South Korea!
Final destination -  MEXICO!  We were greeted by Mr Poco Pinata upon arrival at the airport..

Have to roll some Mexican beads, to decorate the sombrero, the Mexican hat.

Learning all about Mexico - the sun, the quilt, the music,the sombrero, the plants and where is the cactus???

The Mexican girl!

Making our cactus craft - using toothpicks to make the pricks.
Creative cacti by the Navy Beans
Time to make the salsa!  Basically a salad made with cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh herbs and lemon juice.  We will have this for our fiesta!

Mr Mexican, with the maracas, sombrero and poncho.  Dancing to the Mexican Hat song.

I love these mini sombreros!  They even have tiny beads hanging from them.
More mini sombreros!

May I dance with you, please?

Passing the sombrero game - look, there are lollipops inside!

Eating the yummy tortillas during the Christmas party.

Sitting down for our Christmas lunch.  This year, we are in Mexico, enjoying traditional Mexican food,
 such as salsa, tortillas and corn rice.
Corn rice, shaped like a fish
Our special guest from Switzerland,  Mr Moose.

Look at all the Christmas presents.

Hitting Mr Pinata, to get the goodies inside.  Get ready with the plastic bag and basket???!

Drawing lots to get  the Christmas present .... what will I get?

The Christmas bells,  decking the main door.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2013.  May everyone be happy, safe and healthy!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

What Will I Be When I Grow Up?

I want to be a swift submariner.  Learning to make the periscope
so that I can look above the water from the depths of the ocean.

My periscope is done!  I'm ready now.

Looking through the periscope.  I can see what is in front.

I am going to be a powerful pilot.  My special plane can fly around and up in the sky.
It can come back to the ground too.

Launching our rockets up to space.... We are awesome astronauts and will learn
about air-pressure while we rocket into space.
I am a fantastic food scientist.  I look into ways of makign new food.  My latest invention? 
zzy drink from basing soda and fruit juice.  See the bubbles fizzzzzzzzz.
Any idea what's happening?  We are crazy chemists and we are going to make sparkly crystals.  First, bend the pipe cleaners to our desired pattern.
Put the pipe cleaner into a secret solution and leave on for one day.

We don't know what to expect ... every crystal is unique and special.
Big, rock formation.  Wish I have a big diamond like this!

Small crystals around the beautiful heart.

This is unique - there are many cube-like crystals on the pipe cleaner. 
Beautiful pendant for Mummy.

We are cheerful chefs.  And, we are going to eat marshmallows today.
They are everyone's favourite.  Let's see how science can help crreate yummy-gooey treats!

Putting the marshmallows briefly into the toaster oven.

It is hard outside.  Bite into it and all the gooey softness rushes out.  Simply yummy!

Amazing architects design and build structures.  We can even build strong
structures with yummy sweets!

Amazing architects hard at work.

My masterpiece.  It is strong and will not topple under strong winds!

We are eager engineers and are competingto build the strongest shapes with our unique sand.

Oh....oh... Have not found the secret to building the building yet!

Alas .... I've build a beautiful sandcastle.  It does not crumble easily!

We are super sailors.  We mobilise our sailboats with balloon power.