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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Play. Explore.Learn - Our Family Day 2012

November 11, 2012 - a special day for us as we had our Family Day.   We practised and worked hard in giving our best and are proud of our achievement.  The theme was PLAY. EXPLORE. LEARN.  These three simple words mean the world to us.  We learn best through play and exploration and Little Beans always encourages that.  Below are glimpses of our preparation and performances on that day.  Don't we look wonderful?  Mummy and Daddy think so! 

Love from the children of Little Beans

Making up for the concert

Last minute rehearsal - our poetry recital

We are all dressed up and waiting to perform!

Let's chat while waiting!

Mummy, see I'm not crying!  I'm going to do my best today.

Teacher Yvonne welcoming everyone to join us
The Chorus Bells - we are the only kindergarteners who perform this in Malaysia!

Welcoming songs
Apples, Apples from Soya Beans

The Chinese Ballet from Navy Beans

Mickey Mouse March by Green Beans 1.  This reminds us of Disneyland.

Syncopated Clock by Green Beans 2.  Moving like clocks in precised movements.

The Ribbon Dance by Red Beans 2 - We've learned to be more graceful and ladylike

And, we've learned to be more gentlemen!

It's A Small World by Red Beans1

Don't we look like princes and princesses in our costumes?
It's the MAMBO - Navy Beans

Thanks you Uncle Victor and Teacher Yvonne

Teachers, I say Thank You

Kami Anak Malaysia
Good Bye and see you soon!

Thank You, Uncle Victor, Teachers, Jie Jies and Kakaks who made this Family Day possible.  Thanks you to Daddy and Mummy for your support and thank you to all my friends for working together. 
We love to play, explore and learn!  We love Little Beans! 

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