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Thursday, August 15, 2013


Colours are all around us!  Colours from nature, colours from things around us, and colours of the rainbow!  Colours evoke many emotions - YELLOW - HAPPY, BLUE - SAD, GREEN - CALM, RED - ANGRY.  Colours are fun, and they make our world beautiful.  We learnt all about colours through a short holiday programme.

Learning about colour tones using the Montessori Colour Box 3.

Playing with colour tessellations, while learning about shapes at the same time.

Pegging colourful pegs onto the clothes line

Exploring how the colours mix to form a new colour!

Showing off our very own rainbow

Rainbow-making in progress

See,  we caught a rainbow with a basin of water, a mirror and the sun!

Beautiful rainbow in the sky!  Actually, there are two...
Colours from nature

Pandan leaves, dragon fruits, carrot, tomatoes, apples, lime ...

Extracting the juices for natural colouring

Our tong yuen from dragonfruit

Tong yuen from carrot

Tong yuen from siew pak choy

Beautiful tong yeun - blue is from Bunga Telung

Bowls and bowls of tong yuen
My round, round, round tong yuen!
Mixing coloured oil with coloured water - blue + red = purple

3 primary colours to form 3 secondary colours

Playing with goop - another lesson in colour mixng

Fun,  gooey, slimy goop.

Blue ice melting in the yellow water - water turns to green!

Brrrrrr.....what did I get myself into?

A pail of cold, cold ice and the animals that live in the icy, cold oceans



Playing with the ice - fun and cold!

Look at the ice crystals.
Matching the words to the colours
Marbling effect of the colours mixing in milk

Beautiful, right?

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