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Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome 2011!

BUSY!  BUSY!  BUSY!  It has been a very busy January - there was no time to even take photos of the children.  Generally, things settled in time for Chinese New Year.  Hope there will not be another round of settling down after CNY!!!

We look forward to new activities in 2011.  Despite some 'challenges' getting all the children feel at home, we managed to have the Sunmaid team here to organise a session with us.  Audrey, Terence and her team enlightened us on how Sunmaid raisins are processed, why they are good for us and of course, there was a Q and A session, where many children (and 3 teachers) went home happy with many raisins!  Everyone got at least a pack of Sunmaid raisin home and we enjoyed the goodness very much!

Terence welcoming the children.

Harvard retelling the story about how Sunmaid is processed.

What's so funny?

Get this right, and you'll get a gift from me!
I've always looked forward to Audrey's visit as her team are good, and they always get the children involved with many activities.  Of course, our children love them (or their gifts???) and they are not shy to participate.  In fact, most want to take part.  Above are just some of the photos taken during the event.

Another event that we will be taking part in together with Audrye's team (Strategic Creative) is a fund-raising campaign with NASOM - The National Autism Society of Malaysia, which will be held in end-February.   The event is called Draw to Support Autism, and the main objective is to raise fund to support the activities organised by this society.  This is held in conjunction with World Autism Awareness Month, and selected kindergartens will participate by drawing and colouring pictures based on the theme "Helping Children Around the World."   No participating fee is required.  However, children are urged to seek for sponsorship for their art piece.  It can be a token sum of RM5.00 or more, depending on the generosity of parents.  This sponsorship will be donated to the cause of autism.  I'll fill you in on the details later, but I hope that parents that support this noble cause and help our children learn about fund-raising, and being caring for the less fortunate.

If you wish to have more information on autism and NASOM, please feel free to visit this site :

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