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Friday, February 25, 2011


It was fun, watching JK and WN playing with the 2 geometric solids.  They spun the ovoid and ellipsoid and discovered that both solids can spin and chase them.  There was much squeal of delights as they continued to spin the solids and watching the solids go round and round and round. 

Although both children were still young (not yet 3), they were engaged in cooperative play, where both were playing together and taking turns.  It helps them socially and emotionally. It was a good opportunity for them to learn about the two shapes - now they know for sure that these two solids together with a sphere can roll and spin.  Physically, the children had lots of exercise as they run and let the solids chase them!  They also refine their fine motor skills as they spin the solids with their fingers.   Cognitively, they figured out the best way to spin or roll the solids so that the solids chase could them.  Linguistically, both children did not talk much, but there was clearly lots of body language and laughter from this simple activity.  Don't you agree that young children learn best through play?  The play was so intense that both children concentrated and played for more than 20 minutes!

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