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Monday, December 26, 2011

TELL ME A STORY - others

The second part of our holiday programme:

The Elves and the Shoemaker - a classic story by the Grimm Brothers. Besides learning about different types of shoes, we discussed feet and why it is important to keep them clean.  We made elves, did a shoe print art  and also  learned to lace and tie-up shoelaces.

Louder Lili - an interesting book that teaches about having the confidence to speak up, respect for friends and taking care of pets, in this case it's a hamster.  Lili is a very quiet and shy child and nobody really takes notice of her.  She befriends Cassidy, a loud-spoken girl, who often takes advantage of Lili's shyness.  One day, Cassidy wanted to harm the classroom pet, and Lili gathered enough courage to speak up and told Cassidy not to do so. 

Lili in the snow.

The  hamster - great for practising cutting skills!
We made the hamster as well as surrounding Lili with 'snow' to celebrate Christmas!

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss - Who doesn't love Dr Seuss' books?  I know I do and so do the children!

A persistent Sam-I-am tries to convince the sceptic to try green eggs and ham.  Lots of rhyming words and silly story line to humour the children.  At the end of the story, we teach the children not to give up easily in their endeavours. Also, to try many types of food as it's good to eat a variety and we may like them just like the sceptic.  We talked about different ways of cooking eggs, the life cycle of a chicken, cooking green eggs and ham and making green egg jelly.

Green eggs and ham

Making the life cycle of a chicken

The life cycle of a chicken

Ingredients for our green egg jelly

Putting the green yolk into the egg shells.

Our happy, delicious green egg jelly.

This is how they look!

Different ways of cooking eggs - a booklet by the children.

And the last book was How the Grinch Stole Christmas, also by Dr Seuss. This book is about the Grinch who hated Christmas and how he attempted to steal away all the material things related to Christmas.  However,  the Whos celebrated Christmas joyfully regardless of all the things and the Grinch realised that the magic of Christmas comes from within his heart.  When he realised the true meaning of Christmas, his heart grew three times bigger!

The children made a Santa Claus as well as a special card which shows their hearts growing three times bigger!

The adorable Santa Clauses

One of the cards.

The special card that shows the heart growing three times larger its regular size!

Some of the worksheets

 The holiday comes to an end with a Christmas party on the last day.  It was fun and we enjoyed ourselves very much.  At the end of the programme,  we put all our holiday 'treasures' into a paper bag made from the old Scholastic Books order form - very apt for our theme, don't you think so?

The bag of treasure, with all our holiday programme crafts and projects inside.

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