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Monday, May 31, 2010

May Theme - The Animal Kingdom

Yiks!! That's a porcupine! Look at the spines - be careful, don't let them prick!!!

That's our theme for May - The Animal Kingdom, in which we talked about animals on land, under the sea as well as minibeasts. This is a very large theme which took up the whole month.

The above porcupine is made by one of the students. For this month's theme board, most of the animals are made by the children themselves. There is a great sense of pride and ownership as they look at their own masterpieces and tell their friends and parents about them.

As I am taking the pictures, the four year olds immediately came out and posed in front of the theme board. They are not shy, and are very spontaneous in front of the camera. That's what I like - no pretense!

The theme board up close - look at the porcupines, the snakes and the birds. Some of the wild animals (although not proportionate) are coloured by the children.

Look at the slithering, twirling snakes and the spotted leopard. Also, the birds perched high up in the trees!

We also have another theme board featuring animals Under the Sea.
The children are very knowledgeable about animals, but it is always interesting to bring to life some of the features of these animals, as well as to introduce new ideas to them. For example, we talked about the fastest, strongest, tallest, biggest, smallest or slowest animals on earth.
When we discussed minibeast, the children are familiar with the life cycle of a butterfly - in fact, we always have caterpillars and chrysalis from our lime tree to show them the metamorphosis of a butterfly - simply amazing! We talked about earthworms and dug for them, and also observed a snail.
Alas, I promised to find a stingray and live crab for the children, but have yet to find them. But, we will continue to look for them in the market.

A very interesting theme indeed, and we are still learning together with the children!

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