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Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Community Theme - April 2010

As part of our theme for My Community, we've invited some special guests to talk about their occupation. The children were happy to learn more about the different jobs, and right now, most of them want to be policeman!

Our first guest was Chef Roy who demonstrated how to cook a healthy, delicious stir-fried vegetables as well as grilled sausages! After the demo, the children tucked in the delicious food ... mmmm... yummy!

Our very own chefs!

Chef Roy discussing cleanliness and safety in the kitchen.

Cooking the vegetables...can you smell the aroma?

On Tuesday, we invited Teacher Leroy to demonstrate how to play the guitar and drums. We sang along and played some games ... it was entertaining!

Teacher Leroy (and Javen) talking about being musician. Both performed a song.

On Wednesday, the police came and talked to us about safety. They were kind and willing to show us some of the tools which they use such as handcuffs, baton and even a shotgun and rifle.

Our police personnel.

Police from the Sri Damansara Station telling the children about safety and taking care of oneself. Most important of all, do not go out alone or open the door for strangers. Never follow a stranger!

Trying on the police hat.

Shaking hand with the police. They are here to help - do not be afraid of them!

Group photo in front of the police car.

Hello - when I grow up, I want to be a police!

May, a professional hair stylist from Bianco, did some styling on our children and we had a great time looking at the before and after effects!

Curling up my hair - now I look like Goldilocks

Auntie May showing us how a hair dryer works.

More pictures in my next post of Before and After transformation from Auntie May!

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