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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Their Smiling Faces - The Wonders of Music and Movement

Yeah! Yeah We are full of energy!!!

I couldn't help capturing these beautiful pictures during one of the music and movement sessions. You see, some of the children who came to Little Beans early this year are rather shy. Maybe they are not familiar with the new environment, or perhaps they are just reserved by nature.

Well, in Little Beans, we encourage all children to be expressive, to enjoy themselves and to be creative in all activities. Young children should learn through play, hands-on activities as well as creative expressions. Don't get me wrong- all these are not done at the expense of having no discipline!!! There is a time for play as well as serious work, especially for the older children. On the contrary, when we give them time to play, they can concentrate better during lesson times. They learn when is the right time to listen and when they can speak. Sorry for the digression....
Anyway, if you look at the children's smiling faces, you will not know that perhaps only a month ago, some of them were still very quiet, not confident or simply reluctant to join in some of these dances. Over time, they are slowing coming out of their cocoon and are joining in the activities. In fact, they are all enjoying themselves so much that they totally forgot that once (not too long ago), they were so scared to even wave a hand in rhythm to the music! Now, they are butterflies showing off their beautiful colours. Incidentally, they were dancing to the tune of CLEANLINESS and part of the lyrics is "Yeah! Yeah! We are full of energy!"

It was such a delight to see this development. Music and movement indeed can draw out the shyest child - perhaps it takes longer for some children but eventually most, if not all, will enjoy it. Make a date with us this October 31 and see for yourself, how your child has blossomed into a confident, expressive and persistent charmer! That's when our year-end concert will be. See you there!

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