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Saturday, July 10, 2010


We went on a field trip to Taman Pertanian Warisan on July 5, 2010. Taman Warisan is situated in PutraJaya and is a place where many different types of fruit trees and herbs are planted.

The objective is to inform the public and tourists on the variety of fruits and herbs in Malaysia and serves as an eye opener to many who have never seen the trees before. The highlight was to see the rubber trees, how the trees are tapped as well as the processing of the rubber into sheets.

It was a learning experience for the children, teachers and parents. The downside to this trip - some of us were victims of ants and mozzy bites!

The trip started from the bus journey. As usual, the children were eager to board the bus. We had breakfast, then the tour guide invited the children to come to the front of the bus to sing. I was surprised the YZ, one of the quietest boy in Little Beans, immediately came forward and sang a song!

YZ singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Usually quiet, he was not shy in fromt of the mike at all!

Group singing by the other children - guess they are never shy to show off their talents, or is it the stickers offered by Edmond????

On arrival - see the parade of headwear?

Misai Kucing - a herb to cure many ailments

Looking at the humble pandan leaves. We have these in Little Beans but
the children never really smelled or seen them up close!

Durians! Durians! Durians!

And rambutans!!!

Hello - we are the Navy Beans. Can you see the durian tree behind us?

The rubber tree - see the latex flowing down into the cup.

The dried latex is soo0000 stretchy!

This is the way we tap the tree, we tap the tree, we tap the tree!

Here, feel the latex. Gooey, soft and stretchy.

The hardened latex, waiting to be rolled into sheets.

Put it through the roller, and roll the latex out like pan mee.
This process takes out the water from the latex.

The sheet is to be rolled three times. The final machine will roll the sheets into patterns.

The final product, with the patterns on the sheets. This roller with pattern ensured that the maximum amount of water is squeezed out from the rubber sheet. Now the sheet will be put in a smoke-house for smoking and the final sheet will be blackish and a little transparent. According to the guide, this is the best quality of rubber sheet.

In fact, our rubber is of the highest quality in the world and are being used to make wheels of aeroplanes. Certainly MALAYSIA BOLEH!

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