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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lantern Making Competition.

So many lanterns, so many choices....We had our annual lantern-making competition. The objective - for families to work together and come up with a lantern, using recycled or low-cost materials. We received over 50 lanterns, and glad to say that almost all are using recycled materials. They are very creative and simply amazing. Many parents and children appreciated the time spent together making the lanterns. Of course, some were simply stressed out, but nevertheless created stunning masterpieces!
Below are just some of the lanterns. Sorry, I could not upload all the photos here.

The life cycle of a butterfly.

The Traffic Lights

Honey Bee

Mr and Mrs Transformer???

Mickey Mouse and a traditional lantern

Ryanair Aeroplane


The Army Tank and the soldiers

Butterfly and Peacock

A Barrel of Sunshine

Transformer up close

Little Beans Go Around the World

A Rolling Lantern turns and turns as you push it.

So many, many more!

And voting for the best 3 is serious business!

Children learn about voting and democracy too ... see how they discuss their choice.

Lanterns from the Soya Beans and Green Beans (3 & 4 year olds)

Lanterns from the Red Beans (5 year olds)

Lanterns from the Navy Beans (6 year olds)

And these are the winners!
In fact, everyone is one!

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