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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Making snowskin mooncakes

September 19 - the day we made the snowskin mooncakes in Little Beans! A day of fun and laughter.

We made three types this year - pandan, dragon fruit and orange snowskin with red beans filling.

The dough coloured by natural dragon fruit (pink), pandan juice (green) and orange (yellow).

And the red bean paste.

How to make? First, flatten the dough and put the paste in the middle.

Wrap dough carefully around the paste and roll until smooth.

Place the dough with filling into the wooden mould. Press gently.

Knock side of mould against a wooden board until dough is loosen. Gently tap out the mooncake.

Viola - decorate mooncake as desired!

The different wooden moulds.

And the newer, modern plastic mould.

Hard at work, decorating the mooncakes.

What's so funny?

Press out the dough.

The finished mooncake - yummy!!!!

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