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Monday, December 27, 2010

Go Green, Little Scientists!

We had a five-day camp during the last week of November.  The objective of the camp was to educate the children on the need to preserve energy and not to waste it.  We talked about different energy such as electricity, batteries as well as solar-powered and mechanically powered energy.

6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit to make a windmill, revolving plane, airboat, plane, car and puppy.

The camp was fun, interactive and enlightening, even to us teachers because we made many toys that can move and work using mostly mechanical energy.  The highlight of this camp is a 6-in-1 solar energy toy that can move when it is powered by the sun.  This toy is something like those car toys where you need to tear out the pieces and construct them to form the car. Needs lots of patience but most of the children can do it by the third day!  Wonderful toy to develop concentration and fine motor skills as well.

Excerpts of children in the midst of building their toys:-

catching the sun rays .... to power the windmills

I love these two videos!

Look at her gleeful face as she sees the plane revolving!

It was fun!

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