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Monday, December 27, 2010

Good-Bye Navy Beans 2010!

So long, farewell!
   I bade farewell to the Navy Beans in November.  The children are very close to my heart, as some of them have been with me for 4 years!  I see them grow before my eyes.  I wiped their tears when they cried, reprimanded them when they were mischievous and shared in their joys when they were happy, and of course was very proud of their achievement through the years.  I love them all, they are my daughters and sons.

No matter how heavy my heart is, I know that they are ready for the world ahead of them.  They are confident, competent and will strive to do their very best!

Before we ended the term, we did a unit on Eric Carle's books .  One of the books was A House for Hermit Crab.  This book represents the journey that the children have taken in Little Beans and the new possibilities that they will face as they continue on their journey into primary school.

"Hermit Crab, having outgrown his old shell, sets out to find a new one.  He's a bit frightened at first, but over the course of the next year acquires not only a shell, but also an array of sea creatures to decorate, clean, and protect his new home.  The story ends with him once again outgrowing his shell.  He finds a new tenant to look after his friends and sets off on a new adventure - a big empty shell with "so many possibilities".  This simply-told fable is replete with gentle messages about growing, moving on, accepting new challenges, interpendence and building self confidence."  - by Luanna Toth, School Library Journal, June/July 1998.

The posted video will give you an idea on the richness of this book!

Just like the hermit crab, I wish all of you the best!  It has been great being your teacher.  I hope that you'll love me as your teacher as much as I love all of you as my learners.  Good Luck, Good Health, God Bless You!

I'll like to dedicate the following to you.  Come back to visit.

I'm a little like that hermit crab, I'm growing in my shell;
Soon enough I'll move along saying goodbye to preschool's bell.
I'm a little like that hermit crab, I need the safety of my shell.
Yet every month I'm bigger, the length of my clothes will tell.
I'm a little like that hermit crab, this school is my ocean floor.
There are endless possibilities, so much world to be explored.
I'm a little like that hermit crab, I'm stepping out real soon.
Please applaud my courage, even small bells ring a tune.
I'm a little like that hermit crab, and though it's sad to be parted;
I know the world awaits me - and I can't wait to get started!

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