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Monday, November 28, 2011

Mooncake Festival - 2011

The mooncake festival was celebrated with much fun fare this year.  I roped in Mum to help with making mini snowskin mooncakes with the children.  Also had a lantern-making competition amongst the children and parents.  The main objective was to foster a close bonding within the family as well as to stir up the creativity of Daddies and Mummies.  There were many entries, most of them painstakingly put together using recyclables and reused- items.  So many, and it was difficult to choose the winning entries.  I would say that everyone is a winner!  

Ingredients for the mooncake include dragon fruit, pandan leave and orange juice for
the natural colours,  red bean paste, lotus paste and the snowskin.

Decorating the mooncakes

Putting the snowskin mooncake into the mould

Knock it out and we'll get the mooncake.

Nicely packed, ready to be taken home!

So many lanterns decorating the school.

The durian lantern

The spaceship

The robot that is at least 4 feet tall!  (sorry, can't rotate the picture)

Many more...

Lesson in democracy - teaching the children how to vote for the best 3 lanterns

Discussing on their choice...

Choosing carefully....

I like that,  what about you?

Casting their votes

Contemplating ... some are even fishing for votes!

Teachers can vote too!

And these are the winners!

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