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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sports and Family Day 2011

We had a marvelous Sports and Family Day on October 23, 2011.  It was at the football field of Kompleks Penyayang Bakti and the weather was sunny - we were worried about the rain the day before!

I would like to share some photos of the event as well as the learning objectives of each sporting event.  The theme of the day was Sporting Living Skills, a continuation of the theme we had 2 years ago.  This theme was aptly chosen because we want to equip our children with vital living skills which will stand them in good stead for many years to come.  Many photos were taken, unfortunately, I cannot download all of them here.  However, they are mostly in my Little Beans facebook.

The preparation for the day started 3 months before.  We practiced and fine-tuned the activities to make them fun and challenging for the children.  We started with simple activities, and built up the difficulty levels as we were approaching the sports day.  For example, with the Soya Beans, we introduced them to the basic shapes of circle, triangle and square at the beginning and towards the event, they learnt other shapes such as hexagon, trapezium and rhombus.  With the Green Beans, we introduced simple pouring activities and the final activity which was built up over the weeks was pouring water through a funnel into a marked bottle and finally seriating the bottles according to the water level.  The Red Beans were introduced to simple suku kata words and eventually building on to more complex words.  The Navy Beans - well, they read all about Pirate Pete and finally replicated what they have read into a Treasure Hunt!  Not forgetting the songs and the percussion that we put up on that day - these require practice and perseverance.  In other words, the whole learning process doesn't start or end with what you see on the sports day, but way before that.  And, this is an important journey of learning, both for the children and teachers! 

Let's begin with the making of the invitation cards and the preparation of the Goodies Bag! 

Decorating the invitation card with crepe paper ribbons.

The cards inviting everyone to "Come to Our Family Day."

All ready to be sent out to Daddy and Mummy.

Working on our Goodies Bag - can't wait for them to be filled with goodies!!!

Need to make it nice and beautiful!

My family and friends as drawn on my bag.

So many goodies, so many bags to fill ... can I have one too?

Next, the practice sessions and the pre-sport rehearsals:
Our super-duper exercise dance!

Kami Anak Malaysia!

The Chorus Bells in action!

Thanks to Grace, our music conductor

Easy  does it - requires patience and balancing skills.

Throwing the bouncing balls into the upturned umbrella.

Colourful balls...

Matching the right shape to its partner ... note the hexagon, trapezium, rhombus shapes that they've learnt.

Finding the right suku kata cards to make the words.

Sticking the words onto the vase.

Pouring the water through a funnel until the line.

Requires deep concentration and a steady hand.

Arranging the bottles in sequence.

Walking confidently forward.

Transferring the clams with a pair of chopsticks.

Steadily towards the bowls.

Close-up of the chopsticks.

Sink and float - sort the objects accordingly.

Putting the item in the right box.

One of the stations for the Treasure Hunt.

Ready for the hunt!

Drawing out the map according to the instruction.

Digging out the treasure!

What are we teaching our children?  Making a big mess??

Clean up after the mess!!!

Many hands make light work!!!!

Back at the station - THE END!

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