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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another amusing snippet

We were discussing about personal safety and being wary of strangers. I asked the children what they understand by the word "stranger".

Teacher Yvonne : Who is a stranger?

HL : A stranger is a bad guy!

LWK : A stranger is a robber. We must call the police when we see a stranger.

CKV : No, a stranger will catch you and cut up your legs.

CYS : Last time, a stranger steal my daddy's car.

CKV : Yes, a stranger also steals money.

LWK : A stranger is like a bad guy, but actually not.

ET : A stranger will take you away from Daddy and Mummy and make you work like a maid!

When I heard this definition, I nearly died laughing. I know that a maid's work is not easy, but to equate a stranger to working like a maid is really unexpected. I wonder if my two maids are working so hard that ET actually feels bad for them?

Anyway, I explained that a stranger is someone that we do not know. He can be good or bad, but if we don't know the person, it's better to run away from him. Most seem to know that they cannot accept gifts or treats from strangers. It is our duty to protect our children especially in this present society.

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