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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Teacher, how many husbands do you have?

This is a funny incident which I would like to share with you.

MJ and I were sitting down and he looked at the two rings at my fingers. He stared and stared at them and then he asked,

MJ : Teacher Yvonne, who gave you the rings?

TY : My husband. (he's matured enough to understand the meaning).

MJ : Why did he give you two rings?
(prior to this, he told his mother about my two rings and he wondered if they were given by two husbands!!!)

TY : Because he loves me!

MJ : How many husbands do you have?

TY : I have only one husband and both rings are given by him.

MJ : My mummy has only one ring. Why you have two?

TY : Well, my husband gave me one before we got married and one more when we are married.

MJ : (very deep in thought, then he breaks into a smile). Next time, when I grow up and marry CL, I will give her two rings too! One before we get married and one when we marry - just like Teacher Yvonne.

I burst out laughing. MJ is indeed observant!!! Lucky CL - she'll get two rings and her sister will only get a silver ring from another admirer. Children - they observe, adapt and emulate, so we have to be careful with what we say and do.

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