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Monday, February 1, 2010

Photos, finally!!!

It has been a long one month, and finally last week we managed to take the photos of the children for our Birthday Chart.

How was the first month? Challenging, actually as the family of Little Beans is much bigger compared to last year. Especially so with the 3 year old group. We started last year with only 3 children, with a teacher and two assistants. This year, we expect to start off with only 5, but happy to say that now we have 10! Unfortunately, there is only a teacher and an assistant. Needless to say, things were a little chaotic. The children could not settle down that easily - we practically had our hands full! Must look for another assistant after Chinese New Year...

Now, things are more settled now, but two or three children still cry in the mornings. However, they are not fearful of the school, their friends or the teachers. They are still very much attached to their Mums and Dads and are not willing to let go. Once Mum and Dad leaves, they are able to join in the activities cheerfully! They may seem hysterical to you early in the morning, but they seldom cry in school. No worries, Mum and Dad, your child is in good hands!!!

However, I wish to note that the settling down or transition period is very important. In Little Beans, parents are welcomed to accompany their child for as long as they wish. We want the child to feel secured, safe and comfortable. Please don't bring your child and leave immediately. He/she will be abandoned and this is not good for his/her emotional needs. Spend at least one to two hours with you child at school (no matter how busy you are) - you're telling your child that this is a nice place to be and not somewhere that you want to get away from as fast as you can.

Just imagine yourself in a new work place or new country - all alone. How would you feel??? Of course, there must be a time to let go. Once you are comfortable with us and know that your child is well-taken care off, you can leave him or her with us. He/she may still cry but as long as it's not out of fear, your child will be OK.

Back to the photographs - children just love to take pictures. And, they are so natural. They posed and smiled for the camera even though they may be crying perhaps 5 minutes ago? Enjoy some of the photos as we prepare to put them up in our classrooms!

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