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Sunday, January 10, 2010


I know that this post is a few months late as Halloween was in October. However, after going through some photos, I feel that is it'll be fun to share some of the photos that were taken on that day.
I do not celebrate Halloween and have never celebrated it with the children at school. However, one of the teachers suggested that we do so; with just a brief Powerpoint Presentation to introduce them to the celebration. Honestly, I was quite reluctant as I was afraid of scaring them. Anyway, the presentation was very 'mild' and not scary at all! Either the children were getting braver or they were to young to know about vampires, ghouls, werewolves, etc.

The highlight of this theme was of course, the Halloween dress-up party. It was meant to be fun, not ghostly and I was surprised that many children actually came dressed up for the occasion. However, there was no scary costumes - more superheroes, princesses, angels, Ben 10, etc. We even have a Little Red Riding Hood, complete with a basket of fruit!

We also had a special "ghostly" breakfast. It was a protruding eye of a monster - complete with red veins and coloured eye ball. Actually, it was a pau, decorated with red icing and a smartie for the eye ball. Looked quite gooey and ghastly!!! But, it was delicious....

Look at the pictures and enjoy!

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