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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Cosy Sofa

Thanks to Teacher Mee, we have a sofa in Lilbeans now. I've always wanted a cosy reading corner for the children and this sofa gave me the idea to create just that!

It's not a brand-new sofa, but with a new cover, it looks as good as new. I like the bright sunny yellow as it makes the reading corner so jolly and cheerful. With a potted plant, some books which are changed frequently as well as some write-up on the happenings around the school, I would say that this is a nice place to be.

At one time, I observed a group of 6-year olds sitting quietly reading the books. Oh, what a joy it was to see them read. At certain time, children would just lie on the sofa to take a rest. Of course, some could not resist jumping up and down the sofa! We, the teachers, were very firm that they do not do that - they may hurt themselves and over the months, the incidence of ANY children jumping on the sofa has decreased considerably.

Until 2010 .... new children came to join us. They are not familiar with the ground rules and before we know it, one small boy vomited on it! Poor sofa ... we have to wash it and put it away until things are back to normal! Guess we will not see it until end of January, perhaps???

Anyway, I will still want to instill the love for reading, despite not having a very cosy corner yet. I'll start by reading to them, or telling them stories.


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