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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baa Baa Colourful (?) Sheep

Yes, we have our own version of this popular Nursery Rhyme. Instead of using a black sheep, we created a colourful sheep using wool yarn.

First, I showed them an actual lambskin and let them feel and touch the soft, soft wool. I read "Charlie Needs a Cloak" and discussed the process of making a cloak, starting from shearing the sheep.

Then the fun part ... making our own sheep.
The younger group just pasted colourful yarn onto a template of a sheep. This activity helps them with hand-eye coordination, practise using glue as well to enhance their concentration and patience - a good preparation for reading and writing.

The 5 and 6 year olds have a more difficult task. Using the same template, we poke holes throughout the sheep and let them sew on the yarns. It was quite challenging for some as the yarn was too long and it was not easy threading in and out of the holes. Nevertheless, most enjoyed it and patiently threaded the whole sheep. Some needed help and guidance.

Now, we have a collection of very colourful sheep waiting to be taken home! Besides the sheep, teachers have also made bags to put all our Nursery Rhymes and Chrismas goodies. Perhaps, all children will have a BAGFUL of goodies to take home!

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