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Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

We have put up the Christmas tree in Little Beans - not just any tree but a recycled one. All children in the Nursery Rhymes holiday programme contributed to make it a success.

The tree is made up of many individual christmas trees done by the children using toilet paper rolls and cardboard, decorated with tempera paint and colourful paper cutouts. The teachers took one afternoon trying to figure the best way to put the smaller trees together to form a big one. It was not easy! The tree is rather tall, actually about 7 feet and there are about 48 trees in it.

Besides the trees, the children also made the fire crackers filled with beans and rolled up with newspaper. They can play with the crackers during our Christmas party. In the meantime, the crackers double up as decoration for the tree!

We actually have a commercial-bought Christmas tree plus all the baubles and other decor items, but decided that this tree in more meaningful as the children played a major part in making it. Plus, we taught them about recycling and reusing - all part of our effort to teach the children about respecting and preserving planet Earth.

It is certainly standing tall in our hall way now!

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