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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Humpty Dumpty Wednesday 2-12-09

Today, we continued with Humpty Dumpty and introduced Jack and Jill.

We looked at the eggs in the vinegar and discovered that the vinegar has indeed corroded the shells of the two eggs. Humpty Dumpty and Himpty Dimpty are now without shells and are rubbery.

I took Humpty out and let him bounce on the floor. The children were delighted to see him bounce. One challenged me to bounce him higher. I did that and poor Humpty broke! We only saw the egg white, yolk and a little piece of membrane on the floor. One boy said, "It's a balloon!" Very descriptive, the membrane really looked like one.

We are now very careful with Himpty. They touched and discovered the rubbery effect. Some found it 'geli'.


Next, we discussed Jack & Jill and the pail of water. Also, about falling and gravity, crown = head, tumbling means rolling down, etc. I think they have a better understanding of gravity now! I certainly hope so.

We did float and sink with many items in the pail of water. And, the children were pretty good in predicting what can float and what can sink. I asked them if an egg will sink or float. All answered sink - they remembered yesterday's experiment. I tricked them by putting an empty egg shell into the pail. They were confused until J saw that it's an empty shell!

Today has been a busy day, as we incorporated some of the Magic Science programme into the activities. Fun, but really tiring ......

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