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Friday, December 11, 2009

You're Invited To Dinner

One of my favourite games. In this game, each team will be given a special menu; in which they have to set a table for 4 guests. These 4 guests are quite hard to please, some prefer Western food, some prefer Chinese and they have to set the table according to their preferences. A Captain is in charge, assisted by 4 waiters or waitresses. She/He has to delegate the job function to the staff and they have to take the correct cutlery according to the designated style. Each setting requires 7 items in total.
Much learning is taking place here:
  • The Captain learns to delegate and the team members learn to listen to instructions.
  • The team members learn about quantity and counting as they count the cutlery.
  • This is a good exercise that is applicable to their daily lives. Joshua asked me why there was an extra (butter) knife when we went out for dinner the other day. The whole learning process has made him more aware of his environment.
  • They learn about teamwork as each member has to work with the others, checking and helping each other out whenever necessary. A lot of discussion takes place during the game. I always beleived that this is one of the most important qualities that a child should have - to have consideration aand concern for each other.
  • Lastly, after setting the table, we can admire the whole layout. The setting is very pretty and we are teaching the children aesthetic values. A beautiful setting encourages good appetite, don't you think so?

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