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Saturday, December 12, 2009



To be honest, when the teacher proposed this game, I was quite apprehensive. I was quite apprehensive. I was afraid that parents woudl object to their chidlren getting wet and quickly bought some raincoats for them! What can I say now?

When I watched the children as they practiced, at one time, I was overwhelmed by their determination to go on despite the difficulty. Water was streaming into his eyes, and hair was dripping wet but I could see one of the boys moving forward with deep concentration and with only one aim in mind - to pour his portion of water into the pail. I see this in most of the children and I am certainly very proud of them.

This is a very good game to develop the children's determination and sustaining power. This is a skill that is lacking in many children - they give up too easily! We want our children to have a good, positive attitude, and to have that sustaining power. Just a little bit more effort, to move forward and brave the new challenges of life. Let us lay the foundation of determination and courage, especially for our Navy Beans who will be facing a whole new world next year as they embark into Primary One. Good luck to all of you!

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