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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We have visited three places so far this year.


The little boy thought that the dark was EXCITING, the old lady thought that the dark was KIND.  The little girl thought that the dark was NECESSARY.  But, Plop thought that the dark was SCARY.

Plop was a baby barn owl who lived with his father in the barn.  While all barn owls love the dark, Plop was different.  He was afraid of the dark.  Through the journey in the children's theater BLUNDERBUS THEATER COMPANY, we found out how Plop overcame his fear with the help of his father, the old woman, a young girl, a young boy and many more.  Adapted from a story book by Jill Tomlinson, with an irresistible blend of live music, puppetry and storytelling, this beautiful show introduced us to Plop as he journeyed down into the night time world of campfires, fireworks and moonlit adventures.
Waiting to go into the theater

It's going to be cold ... and dark, but we are not afraid of the dark!

Inside the show

Getting to know Plop

Plop, upclose!

In line with our theme on Going to the Zoo, we made a trip to Zoo Negara.  It was a first trip for many of the children, and they were very excited to see so many animals in the zoo.  The weather was fine, not too hot and certainly no rain.

I am glad that they can recall many of the information that we've learnt at school.  It's moments like this that make out teachings so meaningful and rewarding!

We are going to the zoo...

Can't wait to go on the special ride around the zoo

What is so interesting?

The tall, majestic giraffes

The mighty elephant

Cute, wobbly penguins

This is beautiful!

Sitting on the tram

We are reluctant to go home.


Our last trip for the year was a trip to KFC in TTDI.  We were given the chance to visit their kitchen, make our own burgers and finally do the Chicken Dance with Chicky, the mascot.

Little Chefs lining up to go into the kitchen.

Listening to the ground rules of the kitchen

Mission accomplished!  We know how the kitchen works.

Be careful, it's hot.

Getting ready to make my own burger.

Must add on the vegetables.  It's good for health.

Yummy burger!

Tastes sooooo good!

Taking a photo with Chicky.

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