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Monday, October 8, 2012

Safety Awareness Workshop

As part of our corporate responsibility programme, as well as to instill safety awareness for our children, we have been working with Versatile Resources for the past 4 months to teach the children how to take care of themselves.  Besides teaching the children basic skills such as staying away from strangers, calling for help as well as running away from dangerous situations, the children are also taught simple, effective but life-saving skills such as dodging, pushing away with their hands or stop unwanted touching or teasing and even escaping from emergency situations as quickly as possible.

Briefly, the Safety Awareness Workshop is a series of workshops that are catered to provide a complete and comprehensive self-defence and safety sharing session.  The goal of the workshop is to provide KNOWLEDGE, HABITS, and APPROPRIATE SKILLS for an effective self-defense for young children. 

Representatives from Versatile Resources come monthly to update us with the knoweldge.  Children take home notes to share with their parents, and possibly to practise with them.  The skills that are taught are simple and straight forward, yet effective amd useful at any given time.  We hope that with the workshop and the materials that are being provided, it would also open up an opportunity for you to learn and share personal safety with your child.  We also hope that your child would enjoy and pick up a thign or two over hte course of this workshop about how they can prevent themselves from being victims of crime through proper self-defence knowledge, habits and appropriate skills from the Safety Awareness Workshop. 

Learning how to protect the head by locking the ears and neck tightly to reduce impact of any hits.

Uncle Norman showing the correct way to do it.
So far, the workshop has been very informative, even to the teachers and we will continue to invest in this workshop in 2013.  For more information, please visit their website at

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