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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


During the two weeks break in June, we did a special holiday programme on Papers.  We explored many types of papers and learnt how to cut them or fold them and use them to make beautiful masterpieces.  We even made our own papier mache bowls and built a big construction out of rolled out newspapers.  This created a special dome or tent that as many as 12 small children were able to go in.   Together with the children, I learnt that the dome is known as Geodisic Dome and you can watch it from youtube when you search for How To Make a Geodisic Dome.  The wonderful dome can even be made into actual shelters as homes or garden sheds for growing plants.  Ours in Little Beans was just for fun - we turned it into an army camp, a princess castle or just something to get into!  Besides these, we also "grew" many paper trees!  Do you know how to do so????  We had lots of fun, from the Soya Beans right up to the Navy Beans.

Pressing the soaked egg cartons into the sift to mould out the bowls

Press harder, to shape it and to get rid of excess water.

Look at the bowls - so many, so many
We want to make balloon and play with them!
Bowls and balloons waiting to dry in the sun
Pretty bowls up close - can be used to keep paper clips, earrings or trinkets.

Building the giant geodisic dome together!

The strong, sturdy dome

Four children can go in ....

Even 10 if we squeeze tight enough!

We also make 2 mini domes for our dolls.

We can make patterns with papers.

Different houses from Green Beans (4 years old)

Cutting old magazines to make turtles and elephants

Our elephants and turtles

Learning about geometric shapes

Folding our hats
That's my pirate hat!

We want to grow our paper trees.  First roll up the newspapers.

Sing a magic song and the tree will grow.....

and grow and GROW!
Mummy used to play with this - Paper Dolls with paper clothes!

By the Navy Beans - ask them about their art piece and they will bring you to the toilet, moon as well as....

...the zoo!

Using scraps of papers to complete their lapbook.

Building a house - this requires teamwork .... and hard work!

Making paper apples to help us with counting ...1,  2,  3,  4,  5

Painstakingly rolled-up to form beautiful trees

and flowers.

Stamping and printing, and rolling papers on a mahjong paper to create the Rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world.

While we had a great time with this theme, we also reminded the children and ourselves that we must not waste paper, and to use paper with care as it is one of the most precious resources.  Paper is from trees, and trees are important for the environment and mankind.  A little girl told me, " Teacher, I told my Mummy to recycle and reuse, but she says she has no time and no place to keep all the old newspaper and papers!"  Do we want to teach our children this?  I think not!

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