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Monday, October 15, 2012


In the first half of the year, the Navy Beans made a special lapbook on ALL ABOUT ME.  This is a personalised lapbook for each child, and the lapbook is made possible with the contributions from the children's parents.  Besides writing and decorating the lapbooks, the children learnt how to meet deadlines for each assignment, they were encouraged to discuss and decide what goes inside their book.  For example, we had a great time discussing why each child likes his/her room.  Most of them like the room for its cleanliness but one boy insisted that he likes it messy, and I respected his decision.  (not so sure about his Mum, though)

They also learnt to construct sentences that applied to their daily needs.  Sentences have meanings, and they learnt why it is important to do so.  We also talked about how each child is special, how important their families and friends are, about manners as well as celebrating little achievements as they grow older.  Not forgetting, about being healthy and safe ... I hope they have good memories of making this lapbook and it will be cherished for many years to come.

The lapbook cover

Inside the folder - Lift the flaps and you can read what the child has written.  For example:  Things I can do with my head: nod. shake,sway, etc,  MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL reveals a picture of the child and in MY HOUSE, the child would have written about things that she does at home, how she helps out or what she likes about her house.  IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT ME tells us about her name, date of birth, address, hobbies, or best friends.  In the brown envelope are also pictures and writings about her favourite things. 
A child's favourite things
The picture of the child is under the flap.

What can we do with our hands?

I am healthy.   Discussing the food groups, how to keep the heart healthy and taking care of self. 

We discussed about having good manners through the Manners Song.


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