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Monday, October 8, 2012

Mooncake and Lanterns Galore!

The Lantern Festival came and went. As usual, we made mini mooncakes and held a lantern-making competition amongst the children's family. We had a great time, and the lanterns made from recycled materials really are amazing and blew the mind! Thank you, daddies and mummies for your great support. We hope that you had a great time making the lanterns with your child/ren!

Demonstrating how to put some flour into the moulds so that the paste will not stick.
Press the paste into the mould and knock it out. 

Viola!  My Mickey Mouse mooncake is out.

Gently, gently, out comes the mooncake.

Pretty mooncakes, all waiting to go home.

We also cut up the patterns on this lantern and lighted it up in the class.  Beautiful glow in the dark!

The Transformer lantern

Some of the lanterns made from recycled materials

Twinkle, twinkle little star and his friends
This is a rainforest lantern, comes complete with a waterfall.  Pour water into the mineral bottle and when water fills up the plastic container, the candle will float up!

Intricate dragon lantern by Robbin and mum

Hello Kitty house!   Comes with furniture, fan, lamps, flowers, bed, wallpaper and even ....

toilet bowl, toilet paper and ......(close ypour nose!)
Voting for their favourite lanterns ... an early lesson in democracy.

Voting is a serious matter.  Let's see... what is the number of my cloud lantern????

Another star,  cut from newspaper.
The winners of the lantern-making competition.

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