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Monday, October 15, 2012

I AM A SPY Science Camp

Twinkle Bell,   Water Fairy, Spiderman - these are some of the code names of our spies.  We have a special I AM A SPY science camp during the June holidays.  Although it is a short camp,  we had lots of fun,  solving mysteries and building our very own tools to ease our spying assignments.  We tried to solve the mystery of the deflated ball,  made our own kaleidoscope  and binoculars and watched out for the scary dragon whose eyes follow us wherever we go --- somehow like Monalisa by Leornado Da Vincci,
How to inflate the ball without blowing air into it?

By hitting it continuously.

See,  my ball is inflated and will be very big and round soon.
These are the equipment for our kaleidoscope All are not assembled yet.  Master Spy says we must be like McGyver and know how to assemble and make our own tools whenever necessary.

Aahhhh....... We can see beautiful shapes and colours in our kaleidoscope.
It's magical!  
Hello!  We've made our very own binoculars.

Let's see, first we put the lenses on our eyes to check if they work.  Then,  we take out the sticker ...

Wah ..... so many dragons!

This is a mysterious dragon.  Its eyes follow you wherever you go,  left, right, up and down.  The secret?  Optical Illusion!

Visit the Amazing Dragon  post to see the dragon in action!

We are going on an animal hunt.  What is inside the terrarium?

Can you see the crocodile?   No, It's an iguana!

Our next camp?   DREAM JOB SCIENCE CAMP IN Nov-Dec 2012.  We will answer these questions. 
What do you want to be when you grow up?
You can visit for updates.

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