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Sunday, August 8, 2010


COLOURS OF OUR WORLD - that's our theme for the last two weeks of July. There are so many interesting activities that we can do with regard to this theme. Incidentally, this is also the theme for our concert this year.

We wanted to highlight that our world is made up of a myriad of colours. These colours are often taken for granted, unless we take the time to sit down and ponder on their beauty. Children are more receptive and observant to the changes of colours around them. Unfortunately, as we grow older and busier, we forgot to admire the beauty of nature. Remember the time you are driving in the car, or outside in the porch. Who will be the first to notice a rainbow in the sky? Usually, it's a child .... We are always in a hurry, and in the process hurry our children along. I know I am guilty of this!

Colours create different emotions. Let us be aware of this, and let us use colours to depict our emotion positively. Take for example, red. Red can be a colour of courage and love, at the same time, it can be a colour of anger and danger. Green represents life, a new beginning but it is also a colour of jealousy. Blue is full of optimism, hope but on the negative side, it can be a sad, sad colour. What did we choose to do? How do we want to represent these colours to the children? Positively, of course. We want them to see the world as a colourful, beautiful place to live in and cherish, but I think we should also be responsible to nurture and guide them on the possible dangers - take care of our planet and keep it clean and safe for future generations. Also, red as a danger sign is important for safety reasons- the red at traffic lights means STOP.

There are endless activities that we can do and we will continue to do so through the years. However, below are some of them. Not all are shown, though!

We started by getting the children involved in created the Tree - important for sustaining our planet with fresh air. The leaves are green, depicting life and growth.

The final theme board - many leaves, flowers, butterflies and insects.

The children and teachers also created many items, representing the objects around us.

We have created a 'rainbow' inside the school. Children have a visual impression of the colours of the rainbow and know the sequence of the colours very well.
The wall on the left depicts Colours Of Little Beans - all our children are there!

We did colour-mixing (2 primary to create a secondary colour) with food coloring in water, in milk (beautiful swirling effect) as well as
cellophane papers as shown above and below.

We played colour games on colourful mat, tossing bean bags, colourful dice, jumping or walking on the different colours, etc.

We looked and studied different colourful objects, some real and some made, such as the rubber fruits and utensils above.

We made our own rainbow and dance with them!

We even caught a rainbow using a basin of water and mirror!
We've done so many activities that are not listed here as well such as blowing bubbles, singing songs, reading children's classics such as Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss, Colour Dance, Freight Train and a amazing book titled The Big Orange Splot!

Last, but not least, the teachers also showed the children different colours of salt and sugar. Have you ever noticed the different shades of brown and white sugar or the actual colour of different salt?

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