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Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Soya Beanies (2)

The children have been learning about merdeka, Jalur Gemilang, bunga raya or hibiscus, the people of Malaysia, etc as part of our theme on National Day.

Some of the 3 year olds can proudly tell you that the name of our national flag is Jalur Gemilang.
Below is one of the many flags that we have done - too bad the picture is not clear as the background is too bright.

Basically, the children coloured the crescent and star with oil pastel before colouring over with tempera paint. Next, they glued red and white crepe paper to represent the stripes.

In the meantime, another group of three-year olds were making penguins - an activity associated with the letter P. They proudly came to my office and asked me to marvel at their work and to take pictures! (They saw me taking pictures of the Jalur Gemilang and did not want to be left out!)

After some hard work ... it's time to tuck in for a well-deserved meal. Note that all the children are highly independent and can eat by themselves. Even the younger ones aged 2.5 can feed themselves, occasionally needing help. Love to see them enjoying their meals.

Even Perfect, our friend from Nigeria, has no problems eating our 'nasi lemak' - pandan-flavoured rice (no santan though) with saffron carrot-potato-chicken cubes, eggs and cucumber!


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