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Sunday, August 8, 2010


How to I open this mangosteen???

The MPs and VIPs have been having many fruit parties and feasts recently. So, I think, why not us??? It'll be a great opportunity to introduce them the the variety of fruits from Malaysia. All the children had the chance to sample various fruits (besides apples and oranges), unfortunately, I was not around all the time to capture these with my camera. These are just snippets of what happened during the various fruit parties... which we had at different days of the week.

We introduced mangosteen, rambutans, water apples as well as longan, guavas, kiwi and papayas and bananas to the children. Some have not eaten rambutan or mangosteen before and were hesitant to try. Some, of course, wanted more!
My six-year olds were amused when I played the guessing game with them involving the mangosteen. How many pulps of flesh can you guess without opening up the mangosteen?
Wild guesses from 6 to 20 came from the children. I showed them the 'petals' at the bottom of the mangosteen and explained that whatever the number of petals is shown is equivalent to the number of pulps inside. And, a mangosteen usually have 4 to 5 pulps only!

A fruit picnic... and a great tasting begins. Too bad, the King of Fruit is not around.
Any sponsors?

Teacher Yvonne, can we have some more, please?

What is that funny-looking fruit? Does not look like a queen at all!

Looking and comparing the different seeds of the fruits

How long more do we have to wait???

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