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Sunday, August 8, 2010


We did a unit on shadow and reflection as part of our Junior Scientist programme. This is what the children and I discovered:

Shadows are created when light passed through an opaque object. Shadow is darker when the object is more opaque and is lighter when the object is translucent. It is hardly visible when the light passed through a transparent object.

The shadow becomes bigger and blur it it is far from the light source but becomes smaller and more distinct when it is nearer to the light.

We had a great time discovering all these through our shadow play and even created a storyline
to go along with our props.

Wise old owl, wise old owl,
In the tree, in the tree
Whoooooo are you thinking of?
Whooooooo are you thinking of?
Is it me? Is it me?

We also talked about reflections from mirror, a basin of water, pot lids, etc. I explained that we can see what is not visible directly to our eyes through mirrors, such as those used in a submarine. One such equipment is the periscope.

We went outside and looked (spied) the happenings in the dining room through our hand-made periscope. Amazing discovering for the children as well as myself!

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