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Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Soya Beanies (1)

There are many of them now - in fact close to 20! Fortunately, I have 4 committed and passionate teachers to guide and take care of them.

Below are just some of the activities that they have been up to lately ... I was not always around to take snapshots of their activities and there are many more that are not captured!!!

WATER GAMES - scoop a ball and put it in the correct pail, according to the colours. Great for colour recognition and matching.

The balls in the pool, up close.

The children have to scoop up a ball and put in the correct pail with the corresponding label.

Very gently, and carefully scoping up the ball and dropping it into the pail.

These are the pails with the colour labels. Most children of 2 and 3 understand the game well!

Yellow ball to yellow-labeled pail.

Aaaahhhhh.... if only I can go inside the pool!!

Let me scoop first ... I want the red ball!

But, somehow got the yellow one!

Yeah!!! We are the winners! Eh, how come some children are in the pool?

Another game which they played was pouring coloured water into coloured pails - another good matching game as well as enhancing hand-eye coordination.

Listening to Teacher Vicky as she gives out the instruction.

Yeah!!! We are ready. Let's start now, OK?

Slowly, gently... don't spill the water.

Faster .... I'm waiting for my turn!

Ko Ko, can you help me afterwards?

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